About Us


For over 30 yrs CPP Distribution, formerly Canadian Pump & Packing has enjoyed connecting people with product.

CPP’s founders had a vision of bringing better service to those seeking fluid power consumables, servicing local Canadian markets. Over the first decade our scope remained consistent adding complimentary brands servicing segments adjacent to fluid power including drilling, well service, artificial lift, and pipeline maintenance.

In the early 2000’s our name was changed to align with our true scope – Wholesale superiority. CPP Distribution has continued to responsibly complement our represented brands while creating our own in-house manufactured brands when established brands are not present.

The need to grow internationally emerged with the addition of our OEM business unit, opening our Houston Texas location enhanced the business model tremendously, aiding import security and export speed. Today our scope

has grown into a diverse offering of niche consumable solutions focused primarily on conventional energy, agriculture, mining, and municipalities.

Our markets now reach into every corner of conventional and non-conventional oil production, with long-term brands we have grown for 30 plus yrs, we believe CPP sets the bar on brand representation while defining customer service among our markets.


Our core values have been driving our business and defining CPP Distribution’s offering for decades. Our values are rooted in positive participation creating success for all, governing every decision we make. These guiding principles are truly what shapes our business and ultimately our ability to retain our team and the many brands under our roof. These values are the foundation of our success.


With experience from a wide range of industries, small business to multinational business. Our team brings international experience grounded on academic educated principles. We acknowledge CPP is only as good as the people, putting people first before profit is our genuine goal. The entire team looks to continually challenge our perspectives, change our approach, and most importantly treating staff, customers, and vendors how they need to be treated.


Our business commitment is our passion – Sustainable action at the highest level, distributing high quality products by a team of experts. We will hire the best to properly represent our brands while listening to customers’ changing needs. We are committed to continuous improvement reaching the highest level of quality control, product innovation and brand representation, partnering only with manufacturers with value.


As we look to the future, CPP Distribution is committed to adapting to industry advancements and emerging technologies.

We continuously invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of innovation, offering our customers the most advanced and efficient solutions. We embrace challenges and opportunities alike, ready to overcome obstacles and seize new possibilities.

Join us on our journey as we forge ahead, striving for excellence in everything we do. Together, we will continue to provide unparalleled service, develop cutting-edge solutions, and make a positive impact in the industries we serve.

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