About Us

Our powerful culture drives us to become the number one sought out distributor of niche consumable brands servicing the energy sectors worldwide.

The Story

The late 1980s brought an opportunity for Larrie MacGregor to settle in Edmonton, starting his entrepreneurial journey founding Canadian Pump & Packing Co Ltd.

Going back 30 years, the story of Canadian Pump & Packing was one of success for both the employees and its customers. In the beginning Larrie and his partners focused on making jobber fluid pumping consumables. They would build plastic, rubber and urethane parts for the fluid power sector with a variety of pump model components. Over time Larrie and his partner began exploring brand representation, becoming exclusive distributors for many legacy lines CPP sells in todays markets.

As the business grew Canadian Pump & Packing made a niche in Canada’s brand name market, with key brands like Palmetto braided packings, UTEX custom molded products, Bestolife thread lubricants, in house well service consumables and fluid end consumables.

In everyday business our actions are governed with our purpose, looking forward CPP Distributions mission has been growing. Our mission is to drive excellent culture, allowing CPP Distribution to be the number one sought our brand distributor of Niche consumables servicing the energy markets worldwide.

30 Plus years of legacy brand growth has allowed CPP Distribution formerly Canadian Pump & Packing to sustainably grow. Our reach continues to expand servicing many energy sectors like Agriculture, Mining, Oil & Gas, Forestry, CPP looks for new consumable products, let us know if representation is right for your brand.

Powerful Culture

At CPP our core values are rooted in all employees, these values define who we hire, how we work, and what defines our business. Culture is our primary focus; we all agree our success will only be as strong as our people.

“Drive Positive Participation Creating Success For All”

Success needs to be felt at every level. If we accomplish our purpose, CPP staff will grow in their careers and personal endeavours. At CPP, all employees are expected to govern their action “above the red line”. This has allowed CPP to streamline our culture maximizing retention over the years, with many long-term employees.

Our Core Values


  • Decisiveness
  • Fearless
  • Limitless 


  • Employee engagement
  • Collaborative
  • Appreciate 


  • Proactive
  • Urgency
  • Speed 


  • Improvement
  • Learning
  • Willingness 

Our Business Model

Over the past 30 years our business model has stayed true to the supply chain, in that we maintain a business to business sale point. Sales staff at CPP Distribution promote our brands at the supplier level and the consumer level.

Our ability to work closely with resellers making sure they have the needed inventories for the demand set out by our joint customers provides excellent brand representation and growth, CPP drive demand in a number of avenues, to learn more contact CPP today.

On an ongoing basis testing Is a large part of our sale promotion, at any given time CPP has multiple products for all our brands being tested by our prospecting clients. The testing ranges in several severities from in house laboratory testing, to multistage field trials, jointly monitored by our sales rep, and respective supplier reps. In some cases, CPP testing process will often lead to advances in research and design, increase the value to both our customer and the brand itself.

Brand Power

CPP Distribution has retained all our brands, with zero lost brands since 1987. With strong communication, robust research, design and a joint effort brand, sales continue to grow year over year. To date, we are proud to represent:

Oil States Industries – A newly acquired brand in 2015, OSI manufactures the leading quality swabbing and tripping consumables for the well service industry.

Regal Products – A newly acquired brand, Regal manufactures the leading quality rubber products for the well service industry.

RNE Equipment – Formerly Red Neck Equipment purchase by CPP Distribution in 2014 for is superior engineered certified rod handling tools and accessories.

Bestolife Thread Compounds – Represented for over 20 years, Bestolife is the world leader in thread lubricants servicing Drilling, Production, and many other tubular markets

Lappin Tech – Lappin Tech a patented sealing technology providing environmental sealing solutions to reciprocating stuffing boxes common on sucker rod pumping applications.

SAF – SAF Precision Manufacturing is Canadian owned and operated! In business since 1996, SAF is the preferred supplier of new replacement seals. SAF also specializes in pump seal repair, pumps and rotating equipment.

Sand Devil – Oil States Sand Devils ideally give operators the longest lasting most versatile sand cup on the market today. Providing a design for easy loading, high speed descending and optimal fluid returns in all environments including high ratios of sand.

NIRLON – Quality meets cost savings with our new brand of power transmission belting products.

Seat-Rite – CPP is proud to distribute Seat-Rite Seating Cups to handle all of the toughest conditions. 

SealRyt – The SealRyt Corporation is leading the way in sealing, supporting shafts, and increasing reliability within the oil and gas industry.

Utex – Utex is dedicated to creating high performance sealing solutions that are custom-built to solve your biggest challenges.

Red Seal – CPP Distribution’s HSN Cone Packing can be utilized when common general service packing becomes blistered or easily fatigued by production bi-products.
Tough Tubes – RNE Tough Tubes are now individually traceable for failure analysis when material innovation is needed. All Tough Tubes are pressure test twice before any sale are shipped.

Palmetto Braided Packings – Represented for 20 years, Palmetto offers many patented braided sealing technologies for all applications in all energy sectors.

PriPro Polymers – PriPro Polymers is a world leader in artificial lift solutions packing. Not only can they handle any application, but also provide pumping longevity that our customers can rely on!


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