Field Service

Taking a hands on approach with one goal in mind, savings through enhanced product performance, reduced maintenance and minimizing environmental impact. 

Canadian Pump & Packing's goal is to set the bar higher, challenging ourselves to bring true value through creative field solutions. With over 100 years combined field experience, CPP reports significant successes while utilizing strong supply chain relationships. Successes coming at a benefit to suppliers, service providers and our local and foreign producers.

For success to be emanate CPP works closely with our customer, taking an outside in approach, fully understand expectations. Followed by extensive consumable reviews, equipment audits and application analysis. Our information gathering process is handled by experience staff, CPP then begins designing recommendations. In specific case, materials and fluid samples will be laboratory tested, engineer certified and pressure tested.

Trials begin shortly after manufacturing. Our quick turnaround once information has been collected provides the industry with immediate solutions. As trialing takes place locations and equipment serial numbers will be record, efforts are then made to document the entire process. Our ability to compare data from past Field Projects provides an advantage when timely solutions are needed.

CPP offers technical engineered solutions for a number of market segments, areas of focus in recent years:

  • Well Head Containment Programs (stuffing Box Packing) 
  • Drilling Consumable Innovation
  • Mechanical Seal Application Trouble shooting 
  • Surface Temperature Control Solutions

  • Well Service Equipment Innovation
  • Surface Pump Consumable Optimization
  • Tubular Maintenance (Well Service / Drilling)
  • Pipeline Maintenance Consumable Trouble Shooting

The Process


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Once our friendly knowledgeable staff review customer expectations, set goals we then begin working towards production improvements.

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Field Analysis

Customer equipment, procedures, current maintenance protocol, and most importantly material selection are then reviewed. In order to have success, CPP sends certified staff to do so, all employee's come with the necessary training for site access. The completion of equipment analysis, field tours and sample collection is then returned to our facility. Furthering research, information gather and sample testing is done in house.

In House Testing

The completion of our field work is followed by a series of laboratory testing and data comparison. The use of documented successes in other related areas or similar equipment applications provides proven solutions, giving our customers quicker recommendation turn around. In an effort for product trialing to be successful on our first attempt , CPP will request sufficient information based on project size.

Field Trials

Upon completion of in-house testing, a report documenting internal and external findings will be produced, followed by a recommendation. The recommendation will include material improvements, possible design and equipment modifications and specific trialing guidelines, which are then conducted, tracked and extensively monitored.

Product Recommendations

Once all field testing is completed, equipment it is then reviewed along with any consumables used. This final analysis allows CPP to determine if further improvements are achievable, given our capabilities. Our level of success has been 100 percent customer satisfaction to date, if the findings have yet to meet our customer expectations, the process is refined and repeated. CPP commits to reducing our customers down time, equipment wear and increasing the safety of both employees and environment.


“Canadian Pump & Packing Co Ltd. continues to present Ensign Drilling with value added products”

Shannon Beck
Ensign Drilling

"In order for Pembina Pipeline Corporation to fully service our energy clients, we must be consistently supported by innovation, quality and service. Canadian Pump & Packing Co Ltd. Have continually gone above and beyond providing reliable sealing solutions."

Troy Wharton  |  Foreman, Maintenance, OBU Swan Hills and Slave Lake.
Pembina Pipeline Corporation

"Canadian Natural Resources (CNR) has experience innovative technology reducing seal failure, ultimately saving time, money and the environment."

Myron Brataschuk  |  Lead Operator
Canadian Natural Resources

“Our customers expect service, and above all quality that lasts. Performance Pump Service Ltd. makes this all possible with strong vendor relationships. CPP continues to grow, their innovation and quality has provided significant benefit to our business model”.

Kent Phillips  & Cort Barker |  Owner/Operators
Performance Pump Services Ltd.