RNE - High Temperature / High Pressure Packings

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RNE builds our HIGH TEMPERATURE packing to withstand all applications. We have recognized the need for superior rotary sealing equipment within today’s demanding drilling market. This call to action has led CPP & RNE to our innovative Premium Wash pipe & Packing lineup. All wash pipe packing’s are North American made, exceeding OEM tolerances, paired equally with our wash pipe coating finished tolerances. Our tolerance pairing process allows for less pressure to be needed for adequate sealing on high volume low pressure drilling segments, while creating a tighter seal on high pressure hole sections. In addition our custom heat treated pipes paired with Premium Neo Fab lasts longer giving drilling contractors a product lasting the winter.

*All Packing’s are built to fit all OEM brand wash pipes

* Packing’s offered in all old style and new style OEM designs

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