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Seat Rite Seating Cups – PEEK (HR Style)

CPP Product Details

Peek seating cups are build to take any application. Peek material will allow operators to cover any application without risk, look to Peek when standardization is needed. An extreme temperature rating coupled with unstoppable resistant to extreme pressure and abuse, choose Peek when nothing else works.

Temperature Rating: 536°F (300 °C)
Abrasion Resistance: High
Elongation (Break Strength): 50% Low
Chemical Compatibility: Inert

Seat – Rite is a premium line of seat cups provided by CPP, our goal has been to provide better quality cups than traditional alternatives, while innovating materials for high performance applications. Quality control of all cup measurements is our first concern, CPP requires all cups to be 100 percent checked both on and off the mandrel prior to shipping.

All Seat – Rite Cups material have been field tested and proven, with a large majority of our customers seeing cups return with pumps after repeated seating and unseating during field operations.

*PEEK is ideal for any industry application, specifically extreme service

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