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CPP Distribution is Proud to be the Canadian Distributor for “Oil States” and “Regal” well servicing products.

Oil States is the largest manufacturer of swab cups, packer cups, workover rig equipment, and swabbing equipment in the world. With manufacturing in Arlington and Lampasas, Oil States can ship to anywhere in the North American or the world in a timely manner.

Throughout the life of a well, fluids flow back with the natural gas or oil. Sometimes as a well ages, the bottom hole pressures fall off. There may not be enough pressure to push all the water or fluids out of a well. If water gets above the oil or gas, then production falls off. The well must be swabbed out to maintain production.

Swabbing is used in both oil and gas wells and can be done very quickly and is a very cost effective way to increase production. Swabbing is used to remove fluids and sand from the well when the well production drops off. When the hydrostatic pressure drops enough to create an underbalanced condition, the column of fluid above the production zone must be swabbed to lower the pressures this will allow the formation to flow again. The most effective way to remove the liquids from the well is to use a service rig or a swab rig to remove the remaining fluids from the well. In most cases the workover rig is used to swab the remaining fluid from the well using a wireline.

Most workover rigs, swab rigs, and service rigs have a winch on the units called a sandline drum. This sandline drum is a winch that can spool and unspool at a rapid rate which allows swab rigs to  clean out wells very effectively. The sand line is a wire rope that comes in many sizes, however, the main size used is ½ wedge sandline and 9/16 sandline . The wedge sandline is becoming the line of choice as it is lighter, cheaper to run and is resistant to kinking In Canada, the lighter weight of the ½’ can be the difference between running on road bans and not running.

The drawback to using the ½”  wedge line is the voids are larger between the cable which carries more fluid to the top of the lubricator. This can cause the saverhead rubbers to become ineffective quickly. This is the reason Oil States have designed so many saverhead rubber. The Oil States saver rubbers are designed to seal on any type of wireline you may be trying to strip. OSI builds wireline stripers for Guiberson, Regal,  Bell, Bowen, Frank Henry, Lee Specialties as well as many more.

Type H Saverhead

Black GA rubbers are our hardest, most durable rubber that works in warm weather on 9/16” lines.

Blue GA rubbers are a softer compound that works well in cold weather and has excellent cleaning properties on both 9/16”and ½”lines.

Green GA rubbers are a softer blended compound that work well in cold weather and have excellent cleaning properties on both 9/16” and ½”lines.

Orange GA rubbers are our softest compound that work well in cold weather and clean better than any of our other rubbers. They have excellent cleaning properties on the ½” wedge line due to the softness. This material works well in production water with coal as it stops the “black rain” in the winter lease locations.

So how do we swab the well?

First we must get the sandline to a mechanical thread. Whether you’re using a 9/16” or a ½” rope socket, the sandline strands must be bent over to give you more surface to bond to. Babbitt is used to pour a rope socket; the molten babbitt is poured into the rope socket. This will allow for a bond between the sand line and the rope socket. This will give the swabbers a mechanical connection of  ¾” sucker rod thread. The swab assembly can now be made up using sinker bars, tubing jars, and a swab mandrel. The swabbing mandrel is normally a 3-piece mandrel consisting of  a no-go, a middle, and a top sub. The swab cups are slipped over the mandrel to complete your assembly. The RNE mandrels are designed for a quick change of the swab cups. Once the swab cups are installed the complete assembly is loaded and lowered into the well. The swab cups are designed to float up allowing fluid to pass between the mandrel and swab cups. Once the operator feels the swab assembly contacts the fluid in the well, he allows the cups to continue down the well bore until approximately 1 Cubic meter of fluid is above the mandrel and the swab cup. The operator will stop lowering the swab assembly and begin pulling up on the swab mandrel which causes the fluid above the swab cups to force a seal on the swab cup and the mandrel. When this happens it creates a strong suction force in the tubing below the swab cups. This suction action will draw fluid from the production formation into the well.

Oil States and Regal are manufactured using elastomers developed for all types of well condition.  With so many variations of swab cup designs and elastomer options the possibilities are endless. Whether it is a water swab or a Frac clean out, we have swab cups that will work in any type of well condition  making them the cup of choice in today’s ever changing Oil and Gas industry.

Oil States’ heavy load and light load Frac cups have been designed, with the help of the best swabbing companies, to build a cup that is unmatched in performance. The Red Rubber swab cups are tear resistant and made with a high tensile rubber formula that doesn’t swell in even the harshest well conditions. With Regal and Oil States’ swab cups sizes,  we have the right cup for every well. CPP Distribution swabbing mandrels, together with Oil States swab cups, will outperform and outlast any of the conventional swab equipment on the market today. We have never lost a mandrel down the hole.

Oil States and Regal swab cups are available in many designs depending on the depth and fluid you will be swabbing.

Oil States/regal light load high sand cups  SV, BM , BV, SAND KING, SAND DEVIL

Sand cups are perfect for use in wells where a high ratio of sand is suspended in the fluid. These long-life cups are designed to fall fast to speed up swabbing. The flexible lips of the cup automatically expand under a load to compensate for wear. Available in 1 ½’- to 3 ½” tubing sizes and in steel or aluminum core.

Oil States Regal medium load fluid cups RTL and BX

Fluid cups can handle medium to light loads in many types of fluids including frac fluid. Featuring either steel or aluminum insert sleeves, the RTL and BX cup has a unique “dual lip” feature. The thin lip of the dual lip is the load lip and the heavier long lip is the supporting portionThe RTL and BX cup are Rough, Tough, and Long lasting and available in both our red rubber and purple rubber compound.. Available in all popular sizes of tubing in both full size and undersize.

Oil States/Regal heavy load deep well cups M and Load King

This is the workhorse of the “all-rubber” type cups. The M and Load King series cups utilize an ideal cup configuration, molded of a special long wearing rubber compound bonded to an aluminum or steel sleeve. Type M and Load King cups are recommended for deep, heavy duty jobs as well as medium load work. This is Oil States most popular “all-rubber” cups.

Oil States/Regal heavy load deep well cups R, HD

These cups are tuff and unmatched, carrying the fluid to surface in scaled and rough tubing. This Oil States swab cup is the toughest cup we make and is for heavy load or heavy duty use. These tuff cups are made of strong, flexible spring steel reinforcing wires inserted into an alloy steel base. This forms the “skeleton” for the tough body of special compounded oilfield rubber to make the ultimate cup for deep, heavy duty service.  Available in sizes from 1-1/4” tubing through 7” casing.


RNE Swabbing Equipment

RNE Well Servicing Equipment is built to the highest standards. We designed these products with feedback from the field to insure usability. “Built by Roughnecks for Roughnecks”. From concept to the end product CPP Distribution uses the industry’s best engineers and machine shops to design, test, and rate all our RNE Equipment parts. RNE Engineer Certified products are the only brand offering fully engineered certified and individually inspected overhead products. Built to meet and exceed all OEM and CAODC requirements, allowing our well service customer reassurance and material certifications with every purchase.

RNE Saver Head, type H design is available in both single and dual port design for methanol injection to stop freeze up in the winter. All replacement parts for the Oil Saver and complete units are available in many different sizes and thread types. We also supply replacement parts and the repair kits for all brands of saverhead: Double E (MT mubber, 410 rubbers , CL rubbers) , Frank Henry, Lee Specialty, and Elmar.

RNE Equipment Type K Rod Regan, the RNE Rod BOP’s are built in 3”,4”and 5” using type K Regan rubbers. The Rod Regan can be built to almost any thread size and type of thread. Every Rod Regan is inspected, pressure tested, and engineer certified as a Rod BOP and can be used to control the well up to 3000 psi. Every RNE Regan is built to be Nace compliant for your Sour Service application. The Regan type K rubbers are available in many materials and durometers. Whether you need sour service rubbers or high or low temperature rubbers, we have a compound that will work in every well condition.

RNE Engineered Certified manual Tool Traps prevent lost time when swabbing. The RNE tool trap catches any tools lost in the lubricator. The pressure tested and NACE compliant Bowen designed tool trap is lightweight and is easy to repair. We currently manufacture in both a 3″ EUE and a 3-1/2″ NPT (Driftable) tool trap. Engineered Certification and a pressure test is supplied with every tool trap.

Baker Style Hand Pump/ Saverhead Hand Pump and RNE Single Piston hydraulic pumps are designed and manufactured for use in wireline oil saver applications on service rigs and swabbing rigs. These RNE pumps include a pressure release valve. These solid, heavy duty, manual pumps have built-in reservoirs. RNE hand pumps are completely field repairable and have a removable cartridge allowing repairs in minutes. These hand pumps can be used to a Maximum of 3000 PSI with 3/8″ ports.

RNE Red Eye / Lifting Eye is another fully certified product offering conventional 3/4″ sucker rod thread. This allows operators the ability to hang tongs from your rope socket. When attached to the rope socket swivel, these Engineered Certified Lifting Eyes provide a safe option when needed.They have been rated to a 3000 lb lift rating and come with Engineered Certifications for overhead.

RNE Lifting Nubbins / Lifting Shanks 12 ton, 25 ton and 40 ton are Engineer Certified for overhead use. RNE overhead components are stamped with a serial number for traceability. Following the CAODC recommended design, these lifting nubbins will fit in elevators from 2-3/8″ up to 3 -1/2″. The 25 ton and the 40 ton lifting nubbins can be used with the rod elevators to pull rods when rigs decide to run not remove the bails.

RNE 30 Ton H-Clevis is a direct replacement for the Crosbie Mckissick Rod C-Clevis. With the easy nut and bolt design the RNE H-Clevis makes quick work on changing elevators. The RNE H-Clevis was designed for smoother and straighter running rod elevators. It is rated at 30 ton and Engineer Certified for overhead use.

RNE Safety Valve Lifting Nubbins are available in 2 ⅞” and 3 ½” EUE threads with the flow thru design; they make stabbing the safety valve easy. The safety valve Nubbins are Engineer Certified for overhead use with a rating of 1500 LBS.

RNE Tong Lifters / No Catch Collars are rated for over 4000 LBs, have a 10-1 safety rating, and are Engineer Certified for overhead use. Specifically built to replace standard C-Clevises on all tong raising rams, our “No Catch” collar stops any hang ups on travelling blocks. 

RNE Rod Transfer provides an Engineered Certified solution for safe rod hoisting operations. RNE Equipment rod transfers come fully certified and NTD inspected, going above and beyond traditional “pull tests”. All RNE rod transfers are serial numbered and Engineer Certified for overhead use. The RNE rod transfer is the only Engineer Certified rod transfer on the market. All other manufactures use batch pull tests that are not recognized in Canada for overhead use. Rod transfers are color coded for easy identification and manufactured in all sizes including Weatherford EL series.

RNE 50 Ton Rated Rod Wiper Box and Table, have been designed for functional improvements. RNE rod strippers box and table provides a firm work area and has a built in fluid drain. Our 3 1/2″ LP threaded stripper box accepts a standard “BJ” style rod wiper making a one piece design that will strip your sucker rods while keeping your work site clean.

RNE Rated Rod Safety Wheel has been designed for safety and performance in all conditions. This non spoked wheel was built to prevent accidents from happening. RNE safety wheel provides a solution for efficient latching and unlatching of “J” slot sucker rod couplings. When the sucker rods in the well makes the unscrewing of the rods a difficult and dangerous task, the RNE Safety Rod wheel can be used to unlanch without fear of built up torque in the sucker rod string. The rod wheel is rated for a Maximum  torque 1000 Ft/Lbs. on 5/8″ -1-1/2″ rod sizes. All RNE Safety wheels come complete with replaceable components and are interchangeable with RNE rod back off tools components. The Safety wheel is made from high grade resins rated for -40 Celcius.

RNE Sucker Rod Back Off Tool allows for a quick and safe breaking of sucker rods using tubing tongs. All back off tools come with replaceable jaws and adjustment plates and are tested to withstand 9000 Ft/Lbs. RNE Back Off Tools are capable of breaking polish rods of 1 1/2″ or less diameter and sucker rods from 5/8″ up to 1 1/2″. These Rod Backoffs Tools are mounted into the 2-7/8” jaws on any common Power Tong and will allow you to break a rod safely.

Contact our knowledgeable staff to find the right product for your swabbing needs. Our staff will get you the right equipment for your well condition.

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