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Plunger Packing – Adjustable Low Pressure (All-Rubber)

Spec Sheet: PlungerPacking.pdf

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Plunger Packing – Adjustable Low Pressure (All-Rubber)

CPP has manufactured standard OEM plunger packing for all well service pumps, from mobile work over rigs, flush-by, hot oilers and high pressure fracturing or cementing applications. A full line of low pressure, high pressure and severe service materials, coupled with material analysis for performance improvements.

The flexibility of the design allows sealing at a wide range of pressures under almost any condition. The SF V-Ring is designed with mating surfaces that provide a void between rings, acting as a lubrication reservoir. This design helps retard nesting, allows the rings to relax between cycles and allows lubrication to reach all sealing rings.

*Built to fit all pumps/stuffing boxes

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