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RNE - Engineered Certified Wrench Extension - Pipe Wrench

CPP Product Details

One of RNE’s favorite products, for its safety and performance. Providing a safer alternative than traditional “Snipes” or cut-offs, the RNE Wrench Extension come with a dual coated handles for a no slip surface in all weather conditions. Our wrench extension fits all common pipe wrench makes and sizes, pinning the wrench solid for a no slop connections, allowing one individual the ability to use it alone. The pinning mechanism prevents chatter, causing pipe wrenches to lose their “bite”, in addition to the user friendly design RNE Wrench Extensions will bend prior to any pipe wrench jaw failure, making this a safer alternative to present day snipes.

*RNE Extensions are designed for pipe wrenches and box end styles wrenches.

*Patent Pending

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