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RNE – Premium Washpipe (Colmony #6)

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RNE Premium wash pipe provides operators with the best rotating performance money can buy. The importance of circulation is critical in today’s high pressure drilling environments. RNE pipes are built to last, boasting the highest hardness Rockwell out of our competitors including OEM brands, finished at Rockwell C 62, polishing to 6-8 RMS Finish. In the beginning RNE starts with a high grade base material either 4130, 4140, 1018 and 1026 rough sprayed with chrome coatings of choice, Colmony #6, finishing the process with our custom heat treating process at over 1,900F.

Our technical process provides a significantly better product, keeping contractors rotary equipment turning longer with less mess, down time and headaches in the derrick. All RNE wash pipes meet and exceed OEM specification while being technically paired with our high pressure and high temperature packing’s.

* All RNE wash pipes have internal smooth bore coatings

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