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THT “PA”rings – High Temp Thermal

CPP Product Details

Thermal High Temp (THT) Pa Rings

The High temperature low friction (THT) pressure ring is designed specifically for steam production, CPP’s proprietary material is a proven high temperature material well suited for sucker rod pumps pumping fast stroking in SAGD, Cyclic and Thermal Flood operations. The THT material will work well in high concentrations of sand and ultra fines commonly produced in heavy oil production. The self cleaning nature of the PA ring material makes for a long lasting pump with limited to no wear on pump components at all stroke speeds. Thermal – High Temp rings are chemically inert handing all concentration of Hydrocarbons, look towards the THT when chemical batching is potent and causing ring failure. Customers will find it easy to install the THT rings making plunger assemble and disassembly quick and easy.


TEMPERATURE RATING – 446°F (230°C) – 662°F (350°C)


ELONGATION (Break Strength) -230%



  • Offered in all standard size custom sizes available upon request
  • Designed specifically for steam productions

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