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Wrap Construction Banded Belts

CPP Product Details

Temperature Range :
18°C to +70°C

Application :
Max Spare Nirlon banded belts are recommended on drives under:

  • Severe Vibrations
  • Vertical Shaft Dia
  • V-Flat Drive
  • Agricultural Drive
  • Conveyor System
  • Stone crushers, reciprocating compressors, generator set, pumps, cold forging m/c etc.
Max Spare Nirlon banded belts are made up from classical, wedge or narrow belts with strong tie band over them.
AOH, FRAS belts are also available.

Banded Belt Advantages

  • At least 45% higher power rating than standard construction V-Belts
  • No need for constant belt re-tensioning
  • Less maintenance, less downtime
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Better resistance to vibration


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