Super Orange – Specialty Service

The latest improvement from CPP, Super Orange in both Cone Packing and Zeus style to suit any application. Super Orange has taken the benefits of Blue Magic (680SL) & Hi-Wear (575) producing a packing to not only handle any application but provide pumping longevity consumers can rely on, saving time changing, adjusting and overall visits to wells. Super Orange, a hydro carbon infused lubrication package throughout, replaces the common flake style manufacturing process. The 800SL brings out excellent abrasion properties while increasing cold weather performance. It is the best packing for temperature changes while pumping during winter months.


PH 0-14
Max Temp. -30F (34c) – 250F (125C)
Max Pressure 300,000 PSI (Modulus)
H2S Inert (97+ %)
Co2 Extreme (Inert)
Abrasion Resistance Extreme

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