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Regal Type BV Swab Cups (BV)

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Regal Type BV Swab Cups (BV) are ideal in high concentrations of suspended solids. For light loads with high ratio of sand, the BV Series swab cup will automatically dump when overloaded. The seven rib configuration is securely bonded to the aluminum or steel sleeves to prevent separation when dumping.

Benefits of using the Regal Type BV Swab Cups include:

  • The multi lip design allows for instant loading under pressure.
  • Reduced cup wear due to less lip flare under lighter loads.
  • Less cup wear means more effective swabbing
  • Regal BV will automatically unload “dump” when over loaded.

Regal Load King Swab Cups are constructed from Regal Purple, an industry recognized supreme elastomer. Therefore Regal Swab Cups are suited for high abrasion resistance and strong chemical compatibility. Regal Swab Cups offer a wide variety of specialty design profiles. Ask about our expansive line up of specialty sizes ranging from 1″ and larger.

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