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Pipe Wipers, Drill Pipe Wipers for Oilfield

CPP Distribution offers a wide variety of oil field pipe wipers in many sizes and styles. We strive to provide field ready solutions for today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Drill Pipe Wipers is one of our fastest moving consumable products at CPP Distribution. The proprietary rubber compound used to make Drill Pipe Wipers is a special tear resistant rubber compound that is flexible even at cold temperatures. CPP Distribution pipe wipers can be used in water and oil-based drilling mud. Our drill pipe wipers come in two styles: Dual Split pipe wiper and Single Solid Type Drill Pipe. All CPP Distribution pipe wipers contain a heavy spring steel reinforced ring to prevent collapse of our wipers preventing the risk of an pieces falling in the hole.

Pipe wipers are normally placed around the outside of drill pipe or tubing on service rigs, drilling rigs and horizontal directional drilling rigs.  The primary purpose of pipe wipers is to clean the pipe or tubing from cuttings, mud and drilling fluids. This will allow the pipe to be handled safely and will keep the rig floor clean to prevent slippery conditions. 

Dual Split and Solid Flat Wiper

The dual split wiper has two wiping surfaces or lips that remove drilling fluids more efficiently to ensure the rig will have clean pipe when pulling out of the hole. All wipers are reinforced with steel rings for added strength. The Solid Flat pipe wipers have a single Lip design and a low profile that work well in all applications. Wiper ID can be specially cut depending on drill pipe OD. CPP Distribution pipe wipers are available in all sizes, colors and compounds.

Dual Split Wipers

CPP Distribution dual split wipers are molded as a single wiper using oil field cold weather rubber compound to provide a flexible, double wiping lip when pulling a drill string out of the hole. Top and bottom wiping lips are spaced in such a way as to prevent mud from caking, yet the complete unit is still thin enough not to interfere with the master bushing.  The split design is a proven design that lasts longer and can be easily changed at any time, there is no need to split your pipe for pipe wiper installation.

Flat Pipe Wipers or Type F Wipers (Jamel wiper)

CPP distributions flat pipe wipers are especially designed for use on drilling or workover rigs for pulling drill pipe or tubing. All CPP are designed to give exceptionally long service under severe operating conditions. Type “F” wipers are available in pipe sizes ranging from 1” through 14”.

CPP Premium Brand Work Over Pipe Wipers

CPP distributes a premium brand of 9” flat pipe wiper. The Oil States pipe wipers are an industry leader in cold weather heavy stripping conditions throughout Canada and the USA, built from the best tear resistant material while still cleaning in light fluids. OSI stripping products have built a name proving to be 8 times better life than conventional brands. All wipers come manufactured with an extra heavy insert ring, and improvement than common 1/4″ inserts used in economical wipers today. This heavy steel ring will prevent the wiper from ever getting stuck in the well bore. The OSI wipers will last longer and clean better than any other pipe wiper and are available in both 9” thick and 9” thin wipers. 

Drill Pipe Wiper Products

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