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CPP Distribution formerly Canadian Pump & Packing Co Ltd has been a world leader supplying OEMS, field stores and producers around the globe with their well head seal components, primarily stuffing box packing arrangements. CPP has continued to expand our general service and specialty service styles, offering the largest offering of materials and blended materials to best suit every application in the world’s Oil and Gas locations.

CPP offers more than 100 different packing arrangements for rod pump style stuffing boxes, making a product for all but not limited to industry brands

  • NOV
  • WNS
  • WEIR
  • Harbison Fischer
  • Neglar
  • Flapper Ball
  • Red Wing
  • WSI
  • PCS
  • MOST
  • Brightling
  • Double EE
  • Rattigan
  • Dura Products
Our knowledgeable sales staff can walk you through any stuffing box style, size and design making sure you receive the correct packing even if its just a picture of the common “Red Iron” equipment.

CPP breaks our packing offering into two categories “General Service” and “Specialty Service”. Our General Service packing offers commonly used cone packings like Soft Rubber, Teflon Filled, Special Lube, Fluid Seal, Special Vee, Hard Rubber, and Vee style packing. These types of packings would be used in slow pumping well lubricated wells with our any applicational issues. Additionally, Soft Rubber, Teflon Filled, Special Lube, Fluid Seal, Special Vee, Hard Rubber, Vee style packing are commonly installed in new stuffing boxes keeping the price point lower.

CPP Specialty Service packing consist of a wide range of combination packing sets similar to the “Cube Packing” or our popular Super Orange. These packing sets will be used in sever service applications with specialize needs for the producers. Some common applications will be high sour gas content, consistent wax build up on the polish rod, wells pumping off or gas locking commonly known to burn packing from a lack of lubrication.

The list of Specialty Service packings consists of Steam Seal, Steam Seal Arctic, Lappin Tech, Lappin Tech Kevlar, Kevlar Brass, Rainbow, gold Flake, Super Gold, Teflon 85, Teflon 95, super life, Super Orange, Urethane, Ray D, Rainbow 85, Sour Seal and many other packings.

If you are facing any polish rod packing problems please contact CPP today, our solutions will provide leak less results across the globe in any of the following applications

  • Sour Service
  • High Co2
  • Thermal production
  • Steam Production
  • High ambient temperature
  • Arctic Temperatures
  • Heating and cooling cycles
  • High production sand/ultrafine
  • Frac fluid
  • Gas locking
  • Pumping dry “pump off”
  • Worn, scored & undersized polish rods
  • Wax problems
  • Rapid stroking 12 ST/Min or greater
  • High water cut
  • Saltwater contamination
  • Chemical batching
  • Polish rod Misalignment
  • Blowing Sand
  • High Pressure / Low Pressure
  • Unknown Chemical Analysis

CPP Distribution build custom molded solutions for all OEM stuffing boxes servicing you in any reciprocating pump environment, call CPP today to start your free trouble shooting project now.

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